“The riders have got to have friends.”

A huge victory for transit riders was the defeat of "Westway," a multi-billion dollar highway proposed for Manhattan's West Side - killed in 1985 by a coalition of civic and environmental groups and courageous elected officials. The result: $1.4 billion in new federal funds to rebuild city subways and buses.more...



















“It was an uneven contest, yesterday. At a Hudson River pier were the big names of New York Society to say Westway's day had come. “I am pleased I lived to see this day,” said Mayor Edward I. Koch. But several blocks away, opponents differed. “The case is not over,” said Gene Russianoff with the Straphangers Campaign. “Westway will be fought in the courts and the Congress.”

(Newsday, March 5, 1985, six months before Westway was abandoned.)